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Virgo Ritual Candle

Handmade olive soy wax ritual candle infused with Golden Yarrow blossoms, Garlic flower essence, and Lemon Verbena & Thyme oils, nestled around a Virgo charged Malachite gemstone.

Use this candle to magically connect to and celebrate the mutable earth sign of Virgo! People born approximately August 22nd - September 20th are born under the sun sign of Virgo.

Virgo the healer, earth worker, and wise one. You use your many talents and skills to help, heal, and serve others. Ruled by the planet Mercury, your clarity and structured thinking cultivates synthesis and purposeful introspection. Plants and animals are your allies, and problem solving is your forte. You can gracefully manifest order from chaos and parse out details from the whole. Invoking discernment, yours is a path of self-refinement and devoted service.


Upon first lighting, breathe deeply, ground and center yourself. Hold the candle and state your intention or wish. This creates a charge with your personal energy and sends your prayer into the wax. Light the wick and visualize your desires expanding into manifestation! When the candle has completely burned through, remove the gemstone, which is now infused with the energy of your intention, to keep as a talisman or give back to the Earth.

These candles come in a beautiful 9.5oz glass container, burn for approximately 40 hours, 3.5 inches high, 3 inches in diameter, and are more scented than the original Magic Hour line.